Black Friday Outlet Shopping

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Sevier County (WVLT) - A big success for stores at a Sevier County outlet mall after they found a line of customers when many opened at midnight on Black Friday.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb has more details from the Tanger at Five Oaks Outlets.

"Today alone is the best shopping day of the year," said Chris Quincey, Adidas Store Manager.

Finding a parking place in Tanger at Five Oaks on Black Friday wasn't an easy task.

And with so many people, it's also easy to lose your group.

"That's what all phones are for. If we get separated from our family call them up," said shopper Tracy Ryland.

After just over a dozen stores opened last year at midnight, over eighty of the more than one hundred stores followed suit this year.

"We just thought it was a no brainer. We were not going to lose out on sales," said Quincey.

And they weren't disappointed.

"The parking lot was full. He didn't find a parking spot. He was lucky it was like a circus atmosphere. He had spotlights going on," said Dennis Dillow, Fossil Store Manager

"I didn't get here till 4:30 this morning but from midnight to three it was probably our busiest time. People were banging on the doors from what I understand at midnight," said Quincey.

And throughout the day, Black Friday continued with huge crowds, all looking for those great deals.

"Because that's where all the deals are," said Tami Lucas. "I already found one!"

But some people took advantage of the deals just to get their Christmas shopping over with.

"It's a little early for some people, but if we can get it taken care of this weekend, then we can kinda rest easy till Christmas," said shopper Jamey Roberts.

Although the early bird and midnight madness specials may be over, the sales continue into the night.

"Buy three watches get 25% off. Shades, buy one get one half off," said Dillow.

"Anything that was already on clearance is 25% off so, and we already have a lot of low prices so the 25% on the top of that was really good," said Quincey.

It's been a long day for the stores, but there still time left to do some shopping at Tanger Five Oaks.

The outlet center closes Friday at 10:00 p.m.

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