Police and Security Working to Deter Holiday Thieves

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Security is tightening up at East Tennessee malls, as police and security guards crack down on thieves and attacks.

Volunteer TV's Lauren Davis has the details.

Drivers packed the parking lot at the West Town Mall on Black Friday, with their minds on shopping and not on what could be stolen from their cars.

"We really haven't been worried," said shopper Caren Ryan.

So, security has installed a watch box above the parking lot to deter thieves from breaking into cars.

Video cameras survey the area for someone looking to steal personal belongings.

"It's a bird's eye view to see everything that is going on," said Tim Hill, West Town Mall Manager.

Shoppers also greeted by a sign reminding them not to leave their purse, to lock their car, and to hide their gifts.

"Just doing what we can to make people aware smart when shopping don't leave purse in plain view," said Hill.

And it seems like it's working.
"Just because there was a sign when I drove in that said lock car and cover packages, so I'm gonna do it," said Audrey Kvamme.

Mall security officers patrol the car park for anything suspicious, protecting those who have shopping first on their mind.

"I felt like more patrol was out," said Ryan.

It's all an effort to make your shopping experience safe.

The Knoxville Police Department also reminds shoppers to be aware of their surroundings while walking from the mall to their cars when they're finished shopping.

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