Man In Jail After Armed Home Robbery Of A Sevier County Elderly Couple

Sherman Lynn Wilson Jr., 31 of Sevierville was taken into custody and faces with various charges stemming from the armed home invasion of an elderly couple.
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Sevierville (WVLT) – A Sevierville man is in custody after allegedly robbing an elderly couple at gunpoint in their home on Friday afternoon.

The Sevier County Sheriff's Department says it happened around 3:40 PM when a man knocked on the door of the elderly couple’s home on Old Newport Hwy.

He told the couple he was having car trouble and asked to come in and use their phone.

The couple said he could not and after they shut the door he forced his way in, robbing the couple of an undisclosed amount of cash at gunpoint.

Officers quickly arrived and began searching the area at which point a police dog indicated the suspect may have gotten into a car near the scene.

Just before 6:00 PM, an officer was patrolling the area when he spotted a vehicle driving erratically on Harrisburg Road, about a mile from the robbery scene.

He pulled the car over and noticed the driver, Sherman Lynn Wilson Jr., 31 of Sevierville matched the physical description the victims had given to investigators.

A search of Wilson’s car revealed approximately 1.3 lbs of Marijuana, various pills, a handgun and other items related to the robbery.

Wilson was arrested and faces a long list of charges including aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, possession of Marijuana with intent to sell, possession of narcotics from schedules two, four and six, possession of a weapon with the intent to go armed and reckless driving.

He is being held in the Sevier County Jail awaiting arraignment.

The sheriff's department says the investigation is ongoing.

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