The Early Bird Gets the Best Black Friday Deals

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Shoppers spent an exhausting day on Black Friday making sure they got the best early bird deals.

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt was up bright and early with the Black Friday shoppers and has more details.

Thousands of shoppers are at West Town mall in search of the best savings.

The National Retail Federation says almost 133 million Americans will hit the stores on Black Friday, and 55 million of them are expected to spend some cash.

The moon usually lights up the night sky, but on Black Friday, there's a glow from the retail heavens that leads shoppers to savings.

"You save 640 dollars on the laptop, you get it for 229, and that's worth your value there and 199 for the desktop saving instantly 420, you do the math," said Torry Martin.

Or do this math, how long did Torry Martin have to wait to be first in line?

"Well, I'm going to own up to being here at 6 a.m. Thanksgiving day, but I'm not gonna say the actual time because you know why? Someone will try to beat me next year!" he said.

And to get through the 24 hour wait, there's nothing like a game of cards.

"Is it gonna hold you over til the doors open?"

"No probably not, cause my fingers are starting to get really cold."

When the doors finally open, there's only one word to describe it.

But that also means a mad dash to the deals.

"I've got lots of Bath and Body Works, soaps and stuff like that...And some clothes for myself," said one shopper.

"25% off everything and then this, I think I got 25% off everything so pretty good," said another.

"Hectic but fun, 'cause you get up at 5:00 a.m. and everything has a lot of sales," said Tristan Cox.

And if you don't *want to find the good deals, you can always find a good couch.

"It's convenient, and it was a place, just convenient."

Or even a spot on the floor.

"My feet hurt...I've been walking around since 5:00 in the morning," said Cox.

When does it end?

"When it gets crowded!" the shoppers told us.

Maybe for some, but the real end to Black Friday isn't until best sales end, the crowds fade and the store lights dim.

And the good news is there's only 365 days until Black Friday next year!

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