Anderson County Family Shows Positives of Foster Care

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Anderson County (WVLT) -- An East Tennessee foster family is talking out about how positive the experience can be.

This is after Kenneth Taylor of Morristown man was charged with reckless homicide in the death of his foster son, Jordan Shelton.

Volunteer TV's Rob Pratt has the details.

The Jeffries Family in Anderson County says they've had more foster children than they can count.

While they helped some for a few weeks, some have found a permanent home.

School is in session at the Jeffries home.

But the most important lesson there is that foster care, when it goes right, can give young people the real family they need.

"We just really opened up our homes to kids that we felt like needed a home to go to, because we just felt in our heart that that was what direction God wanted us to go in," said Angie Jeffries.

Things are going very well now with their sons Josh and Kevin and daughters Kiona and Kiara.

These former foster children share the same last now name after being adopted by the Jeffries.

But after more than a decade of taking care of foster kids, mom knows it's not always easy.

"You just have kids that have been abused or sexually abused, they've dealt with so much abuse in their lives and it doesn't just go away and usually in a kid it comes out in anger," said Jeffries.

With so much at stake, Angie says she understands why background checks are so important.

And she's seen those checks get stricter.

"We've recently had to go in and do finger printing, we've had to do police checks. We've had to make sure there was nothing in our background that would cause more hindrance to the kids than what they've already dealt with," she said.

In the end, these four kids won their parents hearts and a permanent place in their home.

"We wanted the kids to know that it was permanent. We wanted them to know that tomorrow, when they wake up, somebody's not going to come and pick up their bags and take them to another home."

All of the Jeffries foster children were placed in their home by an organization called Omni Visions.

That's the same organization that placed Jordan Shelton in Kenneth Taylor's home in Hamblen County.

Volunteer TV contacted Omni Visions and they declined comment on the case.

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