Billy Graham's Daughter Speaks to WVLT

Knoxville (WVLT) - Anne Graham-Lotz is the daughter of Billy Graham, and she too has taken up the Cross as an evangelist. She's in East Tennessee, getting ready to speak to community leaders and pastors in our area.

Alan Williams sat down with her about her ministry, the upcoming Franklin Graham Festival, as well as the health of whom she simply calls "daddy."

Just like her father, Anne Graham-Lotz is preaching the gospel of faith world-wide. She returns to Knoxville, following her 2000 appearance in Thompson-Boling Arena with three distinct messages this week. One to preachers, one to community leaders, and one to a general church audience. She calls it fanning the flame.

"So, what we're doing this week is very strategic, we're trying to hit the leaders of the city, my nephew will be coming I think in February to work with the youth, and my brother will come in April or May, sometime in the spring," Graham-Lotz said.

Leading up to Franklin Graham festival, a modern day version of a Crusade if you will. This political season, it's commonly known many religious leaders have been voicing opinions on candidates from the pulpit. Anne looks it from another perspective.

"We can get politics from the political experts, but we need to get spiritual answers from the ministers of the Gospel, so I feel it's tempting to get involved, especially when moral issues are on the table, but I believe we have to keep our focus," Graham-Lotz said.

And as for the help of the man she calls daddy, 89-year-old Billy Graham.

"He keeps reminding me he'll be 90 next November. He has alot of difficulty hearing, he's having difficulty seeing so he can't see his Bible anymore because of macular degeneration, which is very discouraging to him," Graham-Lotz said. He says living without my mother is getting harder."

In the meantime, the spreading of the Gospel continues to be a viable part of the Graham family, perpetuated by sons to daughters, nephews and nieces.

Anne Graham-Lotz will speak to community leaders at a luncheon Wednesday at the Knoxville Convention Center, then to pastors on Thursday at the convention center, then at First Baptist Concord on Friday.

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