Killion DUI Case Delayed

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Jefferson County (WVLT) -- Less than three weeks after losing their daughter in a car crash involving a four-time convicted drunk driver, the victim's family still hasn't had their chance to see the man charged with killing their daughter.

Roy Wayne Killion, Jr. of Knoxville is charged with vehicular homicide, felony DUI and driving on a revoked license for the accident that took the life of 40 year old Joan Marie Arrington.

Killion would have been in court on Wednesday except his family hired a lawyer less than 48-hours ago and he said he needed more time to prepare.

Attorney Scott Green told Judge Ben Strand that he had spoken with his client and that Killion felt they should have more time to prepare before deciding whether to have a preliminary hearing.

The judge agreed, resetting the hearing date for December 19th.

The victim's family says they expect delays and they'll come to court as many times as it takes.

Austin "We have resolved to see that justice is done and you know that we're sure that's what my daughter would want and so that's what keeps us going," said Gary Austin, Joan’s father.

Killion's attorney says he may be able to waive the hearing early, sending the case directly to the grand jury.

Green declined to go on camera to comment about the case, saying only that this is a sad case for all involved and that for now, everyone's thoughts should be with the victim's family.

Killion remains jailed.

Green claims his client wants to remain in jail for now.

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