Microchip Allows West Knox Feline To Return Home nearly 1.5 Years Later

Roxie the Cat
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Solway, Knox County (WVLT) -- For anyone out there who has ever lost a furry family member, this is a story of hope.

Thanks to some tiny technology, one cat found its way home after being lost for more than a year.

"I was really sad," said Sarah Maylott, thinking back to when she found out her cat Roxie was missing.

For over a year, pictures were all the Maylott family had to remember their cat.

"She got out and we thought that was the end of it," said Sarah.

It happened during a re-modeling project at the home they'd just moved into back in the summer of 2006.

While work was going on inside, Roxie decided to venture out.

"We waited a couple of days because we just thought, oh she'll come back, but she never did," Sarah said.

That’s when the Maylott family found out you should never say never.

Nearly a year and a half later, one little chip helped Roxie make her return.

"I heard a message from Elizabeth at the animal shelter saying we've found your cat," Sarah said.

"Animal control got a call from a lady about a cat she had been feeding in her neighborhood for four or five months and decided it would be better not running around," said Tim Adams, executive director of the Young Williams Animal Center.

Come to find out, Roxie was never too far away.

The lady that had been feeding Roxie lived only five blocks away from the Maylott’s.

But the furry feline’s journey home wasn't an easy one, because even though Roxie was micro-chipped, the database had an incorrect address and phone number.

You see, when they Maylott’s moved to the home Roxie ran away from, they never re-registered.

"We were lucky this time, over 50 percent that come in micro-chipped have addresses that are no longer current," Adams said.

Thankfully, some investigative staff workers at Young Williams went to work, finding out where Roxie was suppose to be.

The Maylott’s are glad to finally have their pet home safe and sound and Roxie seems equally grateful, curled up and cozy while re-adjusting to the good life.

"Meow," she said to the camera.

Young Williams Animal Center tells us the story is a perfect reminder to micro-chip your pet and update your contact information as it changes.

The animal center provides micro-chipping services for only $20.

You can read more about it by clicking on the link below.

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