Jailers Fired For Encouraging Inmate "Fashion Show"

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Three Bedford County jailers have been fired and one suspended for encouraging female inmates who put on a mock fashion show that included a bikini made from a sweat shirt.

Sheriff's office administrator Larry Lowman and Sheriff Randall Boyce said the ten female inmates used their prison uniforms and anything else for a fashion show.

Lowman said one guard was watching through a large security window, while the other three watched them on security monitors.

One of the guards took pictures with a cell phone camera, but later deleted them.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation looked into the November 11 incident after one of the guards reported what happened.

Officials said there was no physical contact between the guards and inmates. The sheriff said the guards should have stopped the inmates.

The inmates involved had their privileges revoked.

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