Is Your Wallet 'Outback' Ready?

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Knoxville (WVLT) The Vols are getting ready to tackle Wisconsin in the Outback Bowl.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy's been searching for the best packages and has a few suggestions.

The packages are out there.

You just need to pay attention to what you getting and at what price.

UT's referred us to Dodd's Athletic Tours.

They have two options for "The Official Outback Bowl Tour."

As the name spells out, the big orange two night gets you a two nights stay at the Marriott Waterside.

You'll get a full breakfast, a ride to the game, and a game ticket.

The cost for two adults, $564 a piece.

For a little more money you could get the big orange deluxe tour.

That gets you a three nights stay in the Marriott, plus a special welcome reception.

That'll set you back $793 a piece for two adults.

Neither of these deals includes transportation to Tampa.

World Travel in Knoxville also has two package options.

They're both three night stays, and include breakfast and a ride to the game.

The first will get you in the Hyatt Regency.

That's where the vols are also staying.

You'll spend $565 a piece for two adults on that.

If that's too much, you can stay at the Renaissance Tampa hotel for $485 per person for two adults.

World Travel's packages don't include a game ticket.

But they do have a very limited number of plane tickets you can add at $450 a piece.

To contact World Travel call, (865) 777- 1600.

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