Honest Bell Ringer

Salt Lake City (CBS)-- It's the season where people show their Christmas spirit and one Utah woman found that out when she had something terrible happen to her.

Robin Pendry went grocery shopping Sunday (12/2) in Salt Lake City and after putting her groceries in her car she drove off, leaving her purse in the grocery cart. The purse also had 800-hundred dollars in it, money that she needed to pay the rent.

When she got home she noticed the missing purse and drove back to the store. She saw the cart and purse missing.

William Reed is a volunteer bell ringer for the Salvation Army. Reed
saw Pendry looking around and asked her if she had lost her purse. Reed said he found it and took it inside the store for safekeeping.

Pendry said Reed would not take a reward so she told a local TV station about what he had done and said Reed needed to be publicly thanked.

Pendry gave Reed a hug and thanked him again.

Reed says he never even thought about looking inside the purse even though he could really use the money. He said he is having a hard time paying his rent because he is temporarily unemployed and he knows what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck.

He was just glad he could help somebody else out, especially this time of the year.

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