Cash Payment For Eligible Homeowners

(CBS) There's good news for some homeowners this winter. Current and former U.S. property owners with radiant heating or snow melting systems that use a particular rubber hose are eligible to receive a cash benefit from a $324 million Settlement Fund.

The hose, Entran II, is orange and stamped with the name Heatway or Heatway Systems. Found near the boiler or hot water source in most homes, it is put in floors or driveways to carry fluid to provide warmth and melt snow. Entran II was mainly sold and/or installed between 1989-1995.

The lawsuit alleges that Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company manufactured a defective product, prone to leaking when used under normal conditions. Although they deny all allegations and say the hose was produced according to the agreed specifications, a settlement was reached.

Eligible property owners may receive a payment of tens of thousands of dollars, but need to file a claim no later than November 17, 2009.

To see the complete notice form, claim form and other court documents, go to

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