Morristown Community Remembers Classmate Killed in Crash

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Morristown (WVLT) - Morristown East Junior, Chelsie Brewer, died after the car she was riding in pulled into the path of a gasoline tanker on Highway 66 in Jefferson County.

Two other East High juniors were also in the car. The driver, Miranda Moore, suffered minor injuries. Chelsey Hackney was taken to UT Medical Center where she remains in serious condition.

17 year old Trevor Davis, a Jefferson County High student, was released from the hospital with minor injuries.

Volunteer TV's Rob Pratt has been following the story:
A day from school turned from fun to tragedy in an instant.
Now four families are suffering along with an entire high school.

The tire marks on Highway 66 will wash away with a good rain, but countless tears won't begin to erase the pain caused by what happened here. Teresa Davis-Ramsey's son Trevor survived, but he lost his girlfriend Chelsie.

"It's like the most confusing feeling in the world to hate the pain that Chelsey's mother's going through right now, but be thanking God that my son's still alive." ,says Teresa Davis-Ramsey.

For high school students, the loss of a classmate brings home a hard reality. Help dealing with grief is available.

Hamblen County Director of Schools, Dale Lynch, says, "We have plans in place, crisis plans in place to be able to make sure that we take care of the needs of our students at East High School and around the county. We have additional counselors that we contract with at other agencies that are here today also."

With school in session at Morristown East, why were the students out driving at nine a.m. in Jefferson County? Davis-Ramsey says her son had a day off at Jefferson High School, because of a test he was not required to take. School officials in Morristown would not confirm it, but sources tell me the Morristown East students may have skipped school to celebrate the birthday of the car's driver, Miranda Moore. The director of schools did say these are not the kind of students who had problems at school.

Lynch says, "They were taking some very strong academic classes, they had good attendance, their attendance was pretty good. I just think that this was a very tragic event in the lives of these three young people."

There is no indication that alcohol or drugs were involved in the crash.
Moore, the 17 year old driver, was charged with failure to yield for allegedly pulling into the path of the truck.

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