Giving The Gift Of Christmas in E. TN

Students at Wanamaker Elementary were in the holiday spirit. They made christmas decorations for the Kansas National Guard.

KNOXVILLE (WVLT) - Some East Tennessee middle school students are spending some time learning a valuable lesson.

Volunteer TV's Stacy McCloud shows us how hard work in and out of one Knoxville classroom will help needy children all over rural Appalachia.

West Valley Middle School students are on a mission.

Hallie Baker says, "It's overwhelming because you don't know where everything goes."

For a mission.

Sarah Anderson says, "I feel like we've helped a lot of kids and it make me feel good inside."

The noise coming from Amy Crawford's 8th grade reading class is all part of their latest assignment, Mission I nstopable, a toy drive for the mission of hope that teaches these 8th graders much more than just concentration and comprehension.

"They learn how to come together as a team, how to set goals and give without ever receiving anything in return."

You'll hear lots of hammering, but no complaining, as teens like hallie baker put together toys from scratch.

Baker says, "It was kind of hard, a little confusing."

Turning nuts and bolts into a tricycle is something most have never done, but would feel blessed to do again.

Baker says, "It's a great accomplishment and a really good feeling."

Workshop day is about the only class time they use, raising money and buying toys is all homework.

Many came up with pretty selfless ways to buy toys for this team.

Peter Blaze says, "I offered dog walking, baby-sitting, raking, mowing."

Creative ideas that raised $4,000 worth of holiday cheer for children in need.

But did they make the grade?

Anderson says, "I remember growing up when I was younger and I would go downstairs and there would be so many toys and I thought of those kids who would wake up on Christmas morning and not have many toys and stuff."

Mission accomplished!

Crawford says, "if IO talk about it to much I'll cry."

This is the fourth year Mrs. Crawford has assigned her 8th grade students this Mission Instopable.

If you would like to learn how you can donate to Mission of Hope, click on the link below.

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