Knoxville Man Goes For Wild Ride After Thief Jumps in His Truck

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Knoxville (WVLT) A Knoxville man says he got away with being very foolish twice this morning.

First, he left his truck engine running at a convenience store.

Then, as he saw a thief driving it away, he actually jumped in the back of the truck.

Volunteer TV's Rob Pratt has the story.

No one was hurt this time, but police say this is why you should never walk away from your car with the engine running.

The truck isn't even his, it belongs to the company he works for.

But when a thief jumped behind the wheel, Victor Haggard didn't hesitate.

He actually jumped in the back as the thief sped away.

"It was the scariest ride I ever took in my life. I wouldn't do it again."

Haggard says the ride began at Broadway and Cecil.

It went on for miles.

As the driver drove at high speeds and ran red lights, Victor knew he had gotten more than he bargained for.

He used everything handy to bang on the window, but the driver just kept going.

"God helped me, I said God help me a few times, and I was hollering at him, telling him pull over, you are caught."

The thief almost was caught, when a police car saw it in East Knoxville.

But the car kept on going as the police car had a flat tire.

Not long after that, when the ride ended in a yard on Shields Avenue.

The thief jumped out and ran.

Unlike the owner, he turned off the engine and took the keys with him.

Darrel Debusk with KPD says, "most crimes are a crime of opportunity. If you provide an opportunity, you increase your chances of becoming a victim. And by leaving an engine running and or unlocked, he provided a golden opportunity for someone and he took advantage of it."

Haggard says, "the lesson I've learned is turn your vehicle off and take your keys, I'll try to make that a practice from now on."

The man that police are looking for is described as a black male, in his mid twenties, approximately 5'9''.

Police say he's clean shaven, with a shaved head.

He was wearing a brown toboggan and a brown coat at the time of the theft.

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