Santa Rides The Rails On The Christmas Express

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Santa has been riding the local rails this holiday season.

Since November 30th he's been spending his weekends on the Three Rivers Rambler and spreading Christmas cheer.

On Sunday, Volunteer TV's Alan Williams and Rick Russo went along for the ride.

While on board the Christmas Express, both got the chance to read a children's book to the good girls and boys who were also on the train.

With the cars decorated and a visit from Saint Nick, the ride had at least one young man ready for Christmas.

"I want to see Santa's house and I want to play there," said Aiden Smith. "They have lots and lots of toys and lots and lots of super cars."

Unfortunately the Christmas Express train has sold out of tickets for the season.

If any more become available, they will post them their website which you can get to by clicking on the Hot Key.

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