Local Schools Including Christmas in December Programs

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Tis the season for Holiday concerts. In fact, many schools and daycares have started referring to them as winter concerts, perhaps to draw a line between church and state.

Volunteer TV's Liz Tedone has more on the debate between leaving Christianity in or taking it out of public events.

Monday night we went to the Farragut High School Christmas concert. Yes, the Christmas concert, where organizers say there would be no other reason to have a concert this time of year.

"To pretend that Christmas is not a religiously based holiday is perfectly foolish," parent Ted Tsaltas said.

And there were plenty of signs of Jesus in Monday night's choral Christmas concert at Farragut High School. Director Kenton Deitch says he chose songs to celebrate the season.

"Being the Christmas season, I chose the emphasis to be on the reason for the season, and that is Christ," Deitch said. "As far as from a Christian or secular aspect, I've gotten very little resistance. There have been a couple of eyebrows raised because it's a Christmas concert instead of a Holiday concert."

But Deitch explains that may be because of the ongoing debate between secular and non-secular. Taking God out of government, schools and other public venues is a hotly debated subject.

"We were always told that if we didn't want to sing it, we didn't have to sing it," student Mallory Heinzen said.

Which protects students Constitutional rights, but most public concerts this time of year are intended to honor the Christmas holiday.

Many parents and students we spoke with say they can't imagine any other reason to have a concert this time of year, so why not call it what it is, a Christmas concert.

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