ESPN: Mitchell steroid report to name Roger Clemens

NEW YORK (AP) -- There's a report that Roger Clemens is one of the players named in the report on drug use in baseball that's coming out today.

The Mitchell Report follows a 20-month investigation. It will be posted on the Internet for all to see. is reporting that a former trainer for the Yankees and Clemens says the report includes information the trainer gave on supplying the pitcher with steroids.

Another source with knowledge of the findings has told The Associated Press that the report by former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell will include names of 60 to 80 players linked to performance-enhancing substances.

The AP has learned that the report exposes a "serious drug culture within baseball, from top to bottom." And it fingers MVPs and All-Stars and calls for beefed-up testing by an outside agency to clean up the game.

Mitchell's news conference is scheduled for 2 p.m. eastern time. Commissioner Bud Selig (SEE'-lihg) is to hold a separate news conference two and a-half hours later.

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