Sgt. Meyers returns home in time for the holidays

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- It was a star spangled gathering of neighbors and patriotic decoration on Saturday as the residents of the Lazy Acres sub-division welcomed home Sgt. Teddy Meyers.

Sgt. Meyers is a veteran of the Army, serving long tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

"What I think he's done is awesome,” said Helen Belcher, a neighbor. “It's a fine young man there and we're very proud of him."

Some of the well wishers don’t even know Sgt. Meyers, but it was clear that he was honored by their presence too.

“It's great,” he said, “I mean you get people you've never seen before coming to you at airports and shake your hand, it's a good feeling."

Sgt. Meyer’s proud parents were ecstatic at their heroic son’s return.

"It's always good to have him home,” said Ted Meyers, the soldier’s father, “whether we get to play golf or just sit around watching football or do whatever."

"Just having him home and safe is the greatest thing," said Vicky Meyers, his mother.

The neighbors who lined the street and displayed stars and stripes from their mail boxes mostly had similar reasons for showing their support.

“He defended our country and he needs a hero's welcome,” said Belcher.

And another neighbor who has seen Sgt. Meyer's grow up thought it was the least she could do for the man helping defend our freedom.

“Teddy was coming home and we just felt like it was such a wonderful opportunity for us to say thank you,” said Danna Wallace, another neighbor. "Ted and Vicky are wonderful neighbors and I've know Teddy for a good long while. I just thought we needed to step up and do something and show our support."

The Meyers' shared holiday time together ends in only a few weeks, but the neighborhoods welcoming will remain an unforgettable gift.

Sgt. Meyers will spend New Year’s in Las Vegas.

After that he will return to his post in Hawaii

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