Eric McLean makes guest appearance on Sunday radio program

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Eric McLean says he's just trying to get by these days by working on a farm and giving drum lessons.

But come next September, he will fight the district attorney's push to put him in prison for life.

On Sunday morning he was the guest on WIVK's “Sound Off.”

On it he talked about his wife, the love triangle that cost a teenager's life and his children who were caught in the middle of it all.

"I don't feel like a killer," he said on air. "I just tried to hold everything together and everything just completely fell apart."

McLean is still free on bond, but now faces a tougher murder charge.

During the show he stopped short of directly admitting that he killed Sean Powell, his wife's teenage alleged lover, but he did say that he thinks about him every day.

“We're not saying it wasn't Eric, we're saying it's something less than that obviously,” said Bruce Poston, McLean’s attorney.

Just this week, a grand jury handed down a new indictment for first-degree murder.

In it they allege that rather than simply knowing that killing Powell was wrong, that Eric did it in cold blood.

“It's been pretty devastating for my case and for my chances of helping my kids,” said the father of two.

“There's remorse every minute and then you know, he's thinking about his children,” Poston said. “Between the two things of what happened and worrying about his boys, you've got someone who, particularly this time of year, that is very close to falling apart.”

Several people called in and were able to express their opinions on the air.

“Erin is the one that needs to be brought back,” said one caller. “She is the one that needs to be charged.”

Supportive callers claimed Eric’s estranged should bear all of the blame.

Other callers said it was Sean Powell that suffered the terminal sentence and was the real victim.

“Just as much as he wants to be with his children, I'm sure that the boy's parents want to be with him too.” Another called said.

“Knowing in general what went on is not knowing the evidence that will be before them,” Poston said.

The lawyer believes his client can get a fair jury and trial in Knox County.

As for Erin McLean, Eric has no idea where she or their two boys are.

“I don't know what they’re going through now, but I'm sure it's not something I even want to know about,” said Eric who has not seen his children in nearly six months.

Additionally he admitted that he no longer loves Erin, because she's not who she used to be.

She faces no charges.

But in September she was fired from a teaching job in Nashville, after being accused of in-appropriate conduct with one of her students.

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