NEW DETAILS: 6 Knoxville Businesses Busted for Selling to Underage

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) Thirteen Knoxville businesses that sell beer were part of a Knoxville police alcohol compliance sting.

And six were cited for selling to underage customers.

Volunteer TV's Jim Freeman stopped by all six of those businesses today.

Four are first-time offenders.

Gridiron Burgers, 6631 Clinton Highway

China Garden, 5156 Clinton Highway

New China Restaurant, 5003 Clinton Highway

Taco Del Mar, 2110 Cumberland Ave

These are repeat offenders.

Tobacco Stop, 1047 Maryville Pike

Cargo Oil, 3124 Alcoa Highway

Even though KPD's sting is routine, it doesn't take away from its importance.

KPD spokesman Darrell Debusk says, "it's obviously a very serious violation. We take it very seriously, because they're breaking the law. They're selling alcohol to an underage person."

Cracking down on businesses for selling alcohol to underage customers is only one part of KPD's three-step plan.

"Sobriety checkpoints as well as patrols looking for individuals driving under the influence. All that comes together trying to make the public as safe as possible."

Especially during the holidays.

One of the six businesses busted on Friday, Tobacco Stop, is a four-time offender this year.

Sharon Moore is the manager of the Tobacco Stop and says, "we do try. We really do try. We card everybody. It's just a mishap."

The store's latest violation was by a new employee who had just been to the class the day before.

"It's just a hard thing to catch especially when you're busy when you have people lined out the door."

Sharon says they plan to purchase a machine that takes the math out of the ID check.

Like one that Buffalo Wild Wings uses.

Randy McCrary is the assistant general manager at Buffalo Wild Wings and says, "thirty-five, it's not expired and has a date of birth at the top."

But Randy says the math is not usually the problem.

It's ID loaning.

"So, if you're not really looking at the picture or question the address is or do they have green eyes, blue eyes."

But in the eyes of the police, it's all the same.

DeBusk says, "there's a lot of things that can go into the reason why, but no matter what the reason, it's illegal. They violated the law. And they've been cited."

Along with Tobacco Stop's four citations, Cargo Oil has two.

The trainee at China Garden restaurant resigned.

Cargo Oil fired its employee.

And officials at Gridiron Burgers say their cashier did the math incorrectly and it plans a complete retraining of all its cashiers.

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