Convicted felon signing off on Sevier Co. Jail invoices?

Sevier County (WVLT) Sevier County is considering an ethics complaint concerning a jailer in charge of food service signs off on invoices and is a convicted felon.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb has more.

Tyrone Paul Lintner was convicted in the 1990's for federal tax evasion dealing with the embezzlement of close to $800,000 dollars.

He then came to Sevier County and was convicted of embezzling nearly $50,000 dollars.

Now one woman is questioning why he's signing off on invoices at the jail, and what they're buying.

"If he's that smart. If he can do that with money. It scares me what he may have done to this county in five to ten years."

Serving as the food service supervisor in the Sevier county jail, Kim Pierce says she has concerns with Tyrone Paul Lintner and his position because he is a convicted embezzler.

Pierce says she began looking at county records and food invoices going to the jail.

"I just started looking and everything I turned over a rock I found something else."

And they all had something in common.

"When I started seeing his name on every invoice, it just raised a red flag with me."

But then she began seeing what he received for the jail.

Anything from medications, fruity smelling shampoos, and ribs.

Things Pierce feels most inmates do not get.

"You know, ice cream. It's just stuff to me, it's frivolous, it's waste."

But Pierce says her biggest concern is the freedom Lintner has, along with his power to sign invoices.

"I do know that he takes the van to Newport and goes and picks stuff up. There's no check and balance there. If he goes up and loads his van up he could unload half of it in the jail for all I know."

Sheriff Ron Seals says he is withholding comment pending the outcome of the ethics hearing.

Despite the ruling of the ethics commission, Pierce says she plans to take the information to a grand jury.

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