Controversial issues discussed at Knox Co. Commission meeting

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Knoxville (WVLT) - A full plate tonight for the Knox County Commission Monday night.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy attended the meeting and has the latest.

The commission talked about whether it could invoke its subpoena power. This has to do with the investigation into the mayor's office's car and travel allowance policy.
There was an audit performed earlier this year that found some employees received both a county car and a travel allowance.

Dwight Van De Vate was asked if had anything to say about the investigation, and he made a threat that Sheriff's office employees receive Christmas bonuses in the form of overtime for hours they didn't work. He said if the commission wanted to use their subpoena powers, they would have to investigate the Sheriff's office as well.

The Tyler Harber issue was also discussed, and removed from the agenda. Commissioners were to discuss whether to launch another investigation into the former mayor's aide. Harber is accused of stealing emails and running political campaigns, all while being paid by taxpayers.

Also, regulations for adult businesses in Knox County will become tougher as of Tuesday. A federal judge ruled in favor of a Knox County ordinance that sets up regulations for adult businesses in Knox County.

This was originally passed in 2005, then adult businesses challenged it in federal court.

County Commission also passed the first reading of an ordinance that would make the dangerous dog laws tougher in Knox County. The ordinance says if a dog is deemed dangerous, and the owner isn't complying with the law, animal control can confiscate the dog. This ordinance will go back before county commission again next month.

Also, the County Commission passed the God ordinance, which formally recognizes God as the foundation of our county government.

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