God now officially part of Knox County government

Knoxville (WVLT) - God's is now officially the foundation of Knox County government.

That's was just one of several hot topics the County Commission voted on during Monday night's five hour meeting.

Commissioners approved a resolution that publicly recognizes God as the base of our country and government.

Originally the resolution urged "all American citizens to recognize God."

As passed, it read "all americans who have similar beliefs."

The resolution stemmed from the fact our country's forefathers held a strong belief in God.

Commissioners say they're not imposing Christianity onto anyone.

It's not a law, regulation or oridnance, but for some commissioners, it still crossed the line.

"I believe there should be a seperation between church and state and what I believe is my beliefs and I don't think I need to push mine on someone else", said Council Vice Chairman Thomas Strickland.

Councilman Greg "Lumpy" Lambert said, "Freedom of religion doesn't mean freedom from religion. This merely acknowledges our founding fathers were men of faith."

Also at the meeting, commissioners decided not to re-open the investigation into Mayor Ragsdale's former aide, Tyler Harber.

Harber's accused of stealing emails and working on political campaigns while being paid by taxpayers.

Commisioners passed the county's revised stormwater ordinance on first reading.

The city has said it would withdraw it's lawuit against the county regarding stomwater if commissioners aprove the new ordinance.