UPDATE: Hwy. 11E repairs continue; another problem delays project

JEFFERSON CITY, Tenn (WVLT) What was originally scheduled to be routine roadwork on a depression in the roadway has turned into a bit larger of a project in Jefferson City, Tennessee.

Tennessee Department of Transportation spokesperson Travis Brickey tells VolunteerTV.com that this morning as crews were getting set to finish work on Highway 11E near the Food City in Jefferson City,, the hole started filling up with water.

Workers from the local utility company were called out to take a look and repair what they thought was a leak in a water line.

Brickey says once the utility workers finish, TDOT crews will work through the night to fill the hole in with rock.

Paving is scheduled to begin in the morning, and crews hope to reopen Highway 11E around midday.

Right now, northbound and southbound traffic are using the southbound lanes.

As a result, only one lane is open both directions in the area immediate area near the project.

Brickey said TDOT engineers noticed the depression a few weeks ago during a routine inspection and found a sinkhole in a parking lot of a nearby business.

As the work to fill the depression began yesterday, the owner of the business also worked to fix the sinkhole in the parking lot.

That caused problems, as the 11E hole began to settle, so TDOT decided to wait until the sinkhole in the parking lot was repair.

When they returned today, they noticed the water problem.

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