What to get your wife or girlfriend for Christmas

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Knoxville (WVLT) - This story is for the men out there who haven't finished their Christmas shopping. Or let's be honest, even started!

WVLT Volunteer TV's Liz Tedone has some great gift ideas for the special someone in your life.

We're looking at what to get when you don't know what to get for your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, daughter. These gifts are universal, and we guarantee you can' t go wrong.

You can tell by their wandering walk that they have no idea.

"Too many indecisions as to what to get," Christmas shopper Jim Morrow said.

You for Christmas. With five days left to look for loot, what's a man to buy for that special woman in his life?

For starters,

"Every woman I've spoken to this season has mentioned pajamas. They just love to go home, get in a comfy pair or a sexy pair and relax," style consultant Sherri Ailor said.

And a bathrobe counts too. It's not fuddy duddy and women really do like them.

A day of beauty, not that she needs it, can always be a safe bet too.

"Send me to the spa. Anything spa related. It's the gift of touch for one they get thrilled when they open it up. They remember the gift when they go and trade it in for the services that they choose," Ailor said.

If you're brave enough to shop the racks, women are always touched by the thought that goes into the gift.

"In the last minute things, a lot of time I can buy clothes for her. Because they can always take them back if they don't work out," Morrow said. "Most of the time, but she, I always make sure she can take them back."

Practical thinking. But don't even think about

"Chocolate. A lot of women do love chocolate, but it's such an easy thoughtless gift. You don't give it any thought, and they're going to know," Ailor said.

And of course we girls love jewelry, but nothing too trendy. You can't go wrong with a classic piece, and the sales associate behind the counter will be able to help you.

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