Holiday Air Travel Tips

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- The Air Transportation Association says over 47 million people are expected to fly in the United States over the holidays.

If you're one of them, there are some things to keep in mind so your travels are safe and easy.

Something to remember, 'tis the season to pack, check and wait

For Renee Williams and her son the wait was a little longer than planned.

"I changed bags so I forgot my passport,” she said. “If I don't leave until 1:00 we're not going to get in until 12:45 AM, so that'll be a long day."

Thinking ahead, Williams came prepared with a bag full of goodies.

"We have the iPod with music for the plane and he has his Gameboy Advance and coloring books and things to do along the way, just in case we get delayed in an airport like we are now," she said.

But being prepared doesn't just make the wait go quicker, it makes the lines quicker too.

"Pack organized, make sure you've got everything organized,” said Beth Baker from McGhee-Tyson Airport. “In case the TSA has to open your luggage, it can speed the process along."

Another tip, at the checkpoint you should have your ID and boarding pass out.

Also remember to take off your shoes and jacket and take all electronics and liquids out of your carry-on.

As far as the carry-on goes, 3-1-1 is the key.

You can only have three ounce bottles of liquid, in a one quart bag with one bag per person.

"Those are the limitations that you have on liquids gels and aerosols right now,” said Bryan Wong with the TSA, “anything larger than that needs to go into your checked bag."

Also leave the wrapping paper and bows out because TSA officials will just unwrap all your pretty holiday work.

If you arrive about an hour and a half early to the airport, chances are you can get through security smoothly and get on to your holiday plans.

You can check the latest on flights in to and out of McGhee-Tyson airport by going to the Hot Key.

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