Pastor: Madisonville man wanted police to kill him

John K. Adams, 47, was shot and killed by police Friday morning in Monroe County, according to the TBI

Monroe County (WVLT) – The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating a shooting that happened early Friday morning in Madisonville.

According to Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens, John Adams, 42 was shot by deputies after they say he stabbed 3 people including his ex-wife.

He said deputies opened fire after Adams refused to cooperate with police.

Sheriff Bivens says deputies were called 2248 Old Highway 68 on a report of a stabbing around 5:15 AM.

Deputies found 3 victims, one in critical condition.

While on scene, they received information on the whereabouts of Adams.

They took off to the Countyline Tavern where they found Adams armed with a weapon.

Biven’s said he was not cooperative which lead deputies’ to use a taser on him, but he continued to resist and then charged at officers with a weapon.

That’s when they fired the rounds that killed him.

Prior to the shooting, Adams made a phone call to Pastor Joe Brown of the Church of Life in Madisonville.

Pastor Brown said Adams was very upset by his divorce and just snapped.

He also told the pastor that he had stabbed three people and wanted police to kill him.

The names of the victims will not be released until the families are notified.

All three were taken to UT Medical Center where they remain.

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