Horse rescued from sinkhole

Anderson County (WVLT) - Rescue crews in Anderson County worked for several hours Sunday night to rescue a horse that fell into a sinkhole.

Around 5:00 p.m. Sunday, dispatchers got a call that a horse had fallen into a sinkhole at 35 Dairy Pond Road in Norris.

Upon arrival, over 20 rescue workers found, Sutary, a 27-year-old horse, deep in a collapsed sinkhole, unable to get out.

Officials say rescue workers worked for over seven hours, digging a safety trench, assessing the horses injuries, and making sure that Sutary was as comfortable as possible while escavating him.

Veterinarians from U.T.'s Vet school were on the scene the whole time of the excavation.

They say Sutary did not appear to have any physical injuries, but the owner still had the horse taken to the vet hospital for further testing.

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