Last minute shoppers

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Knoxville (WVLT) - If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet, it's most likely too late.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford tells us how many last minute shoppers she found looking for bargains, and pretty much anything they could quickly get their hands on.

"I usually start a few days before, but today's probably the latest," last minute shopper Sarah Crisp said.

Meet the ultimate procrastinator.

"I've just now started," Crisp said.

And Sarah Crisp has just a few hours left to finish shopping for her two girls.

"A little stressful, but I know I'll get it done," Crisp said.

"Just had to do it last minute. Sometimes you have to," last minute shopper Mike Schripmscher said.

The pressure's on for Grandma and Grandpa Schrimpscher trying to fill their carts full of toys for their grandkids.

"Just got to get everything, get it all wrapped, and Christmas will be here tomorrow, so we've got to get busy in a hurry," Schrimpscher said.

David Gilliam is checking his list twice.

"I've got to get Nerf Darts, something for my nephew, a PSP game, and soap powders," Gilliam said.
"Did your wife send you out here?" Kim asked.
"Absolutely. I just work for her," Gilliam said.

Gilliam proudly admits he's an annual Christmas Eve procrastinator.

"I like the pressure. You've got to make a decision real quick. This is it, there's no more putting it off," Gilliam said.

Most all stores are closed on Christmas Day, but you can bet they can be filled with shoppers on Wednesday returning gifts and looking for even bigger bargains.

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