Family celebrates Christmas miracle

Knoxville (WVLT) - For many of you, Christmas Eve is a time of reflection. Celebrating on what the true meaning is, but also a time of coming together with those we love.

That's never more evident to one Knoxville family, who thought they would be spending Christmas in Children's Hospital.

Alan Williams received an email last week from a very concerned mom. She titled it, "The Fight, The Friend, The Miracle, A True Christmas Story," and she wanted us to share it with you.

The signs of Christmas, laughter and joy, are everywhere in the Lawson home, but it didn't start out that way. December 7th, 13-year-old Destiny Lawson was rushed to the hospital with what turned out to be a burst appendix. After emergency surgery, she went in cardiac arrest.

"I thought that I lost my baby, I thought that my daughter sorry, I was told by Dr. Kennedy that she didn't look good and he was going to do his best, he wasn't sugar coating anything," Billie Joe Lawson said.

In fact, Destiny wasn't responding at all. Then mom saw a Bearden Middle School classmate.

"Ryhan was at the door, and I'm trying not to cry, Ryhan was at the door, she had her hands full with a stuffed animal, plant and I looked at her and I was trying to be real strong, and when I seen her there, I started crying and told her Destiny is not doing real good honey," Lawson said.

"I was going to put down the poinsettia, and when I asked where she wanted me to put it, Destiny heard my voice, I saw her eyes open and she very weakly looked at me and said, hi Ryhan," Destiny's friend Ryhan Newberry said.

"It's just a miracle, I mean, she went through the worst thing, I can't explain it," Lawson said.

Recovery is a miracle in itself, expected to stay in children's hospital through Christmas, she's now home.

"Sometimes I wish I was still in the hospital, why? Because it was kind of fun, because of all the attention, yea," Destiny said.

This single mom with three children learned one big lesson.

"To take 10 minutes and just really look at what you've got because how much you try to gather, and build, from the last toy on the shelf or the hustle and bustle getting here or there just take 10 minutes to stand still and really look at what you've got because what you've got is worth more than anything anybody can give you that's my point, that's my lesson," Lawson said.

The fight, the friend, the miracle, a true Christmas story. Destiny's recovery continues, however she will be homebound for the rest of the school year, and will return to Bearden Middle School for the ninth grade.

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