Crunch time for last minute shoppers

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Longer store hours, extra bargains, and still -- still -- how many of you waited til the last seconds to finish your shopping?

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy's offers tribute - in verse - to the Christmas ritual that leaves procrastinators dropping.

"There's always going to be us last minute people. Same time every year," shopper Teresa Powers said.

Dozens of gifts.
Bought in jiff.

"I'm just happy you guys didn't close at five. Good job," Powers said.

Twas the Night before Christmas...and all through the store...
Teresa Powers scrambles...Oh, what a chore.

"I'm shopping for 3,4,7, 9, 10 people as far as children go," Powers said.

Rack by rack...looking for deals.
A last minute hunt that has her ready to squeal.

"We went to the mall. I was so lost. We spent like 10 dollars. We hit several stores. Just left. We couldn''t do it there. Just too much," Powers said.

"It's 34 dollars and it's 60 percent off. We've got plenty of money for that," shopper Ashley Swaggerty said.

Ashley's Swaggerty's getting a gift for mother.
Who else to help her, but her younger brother.

"This is stressful for me. I've never shopped this late before," Powers said.

To get the surprise buy.
She told a white lie.

"Finally we I said, you need to get some stuff at the grocery. So she thinks we there right now," Powers said.

Most stores locked early...starting six.
Putting some shoppers in quite a fix.

But the doors at Walgreens stayed open late.
And for David Skidmore, that's just great.

"I procrastinate every year. I'm usually out looking for something open," Skidmore said.

All Powers gift are now in the bag.
But her Christmas wish comes with no tag.

"All I want is to have all my family and loved ones be happy," Powers said.

With like with her shopping she says make it snappy.

For you last, last, last minute shoppers Walgreens is open all night.
The CVS in Powell and Maryville are also open.
Most other stores will re-open Wednesday morning.

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