Three hurt in accident in Karns

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Knoxville (WVLT) - A wreck this Christmas Eve has sent three men to the hospital.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office says it happened just after eight o'clock on Gray Hendrix Road in Karns.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy has the latest.

A tragic way to begin the Christmas Holiday. It was for those in small SUV, and also for the neighbors whose family time was shattered by sirens and lights.
Neighbors says they heard what sounded like an explosion. They came outside to find a small SUV flipped on it's side right in front of 2701 Gray Hendrix Road.

Chief Robert Sexton says the SUV was headed north when it smashed into the guardrail. Three men were inside. Sexton says the crash partially ejected two of them.
Their names haven't been released, but sexton says one of the men was in his late twenties.

All three were taken to UT Medical Center. Two them by Rural/Metro and the other by Lifestar. Sexton says at least two of them were in serious condition.

Scarlet Stomieroski was driving to her sister's for family festivities. When she came on the wreck, she held one of the men's hand, and on this Christmas Eve, comforted him, giving him the gift of hope.

"And then my daughter was talking to the other gentlemen under the front of the car, and she was just trying to keep them calm, but they were all pretty much out of it," witness scarlet Stomieroski said.

Sexton says speed was most likely a factor in the crash. He also said alcohol could've been involved.