Jordan Hensley celebrates a healthy Christmas at home

Kingston, Roane County (WVLT) - This Christmas has a whole new meaning now for the Hensley family in Roane County.

You'll recall, 12-year-old Jordon Hensley received 12-year-old Ashley Payne's heart last month after Ashley was hit by a school bus and killed in Oak Ridge.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford spent Christmas morning with Jordan who received a very special Christmas wish.

Home for Christmas, it's been the Hensley family wish since Jordon received her new heart.

"It feels really good to be home. I missed home and I hadn't been here in three months. The first thing I did was a belly flop on my bed," said Jordan.

Healthy and even happier than ever after a special Christmas gift yesterday from a viewer.

"A guy saw on the news that I wanted a horse and he called me and actually gave me a mom and her baby," Jordan said.

December and Little Blizzard have a very dedicated and excited caregiver.

Jordan says, "Words can't even describe. I can't even believe that I still have them."

Jordon knows the pair will take a lot of work.

"She hasn't been ridden in four or five years, so the guy who's letting us keep the horses here, he's going to help me with that and the baby is going to have to start weening off his mom," said Jordan.

The Hensley's have to work on building a barn and a pasture here in their backyard, but for now the horses are just a half mile walk through the woods.

"She just can't wait every morning to get up and come out here and play. She's so full of energy now, which is good for her. I think it'll be good therapy, " said Jessica Hensley, Jordan's mom.

Jordon's parents say their 12 year old has never looked happier.

"Bouncing off the walls! I think she needs some medication to calm down," said Hensley.

The Hensley's say they can't thank the community enough for making their Christmas happen.

"The donations! We've gotten presents for the kids. I mean, they've probably had the best Christmas they've ever had in their lives. It's just been unreal," said Hensley.

"I have so many presents. It's just, oh my gosh. You could put every present inside my house and that wouldn't even make up all of it," said Jordan.

But all the presents in the world couldn't stack up to Jordon's gift of life from Ashley Payne...

"They're probably sad that Ashley didn't get to do Christmas," said Jordan.

"I'm very thankful to the Payne family," said Hensley.

Ashley Payne would've turned 13 tomorrow.

The Hensley's say they'll be celebrating her birthday every year.

If you'd like to help the Hensley's out with their new barn, give them a call at 865-466-5555 or 865-466-2094.

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