Shop 'til you drop before...and after Christmas

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) Shop until you drop before Christmas, then do it again after the holiday.

That seems to be the motto for some.

And just like day after Thanksgiving shoppers, many got the big bargains.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb was out in the madness bright and early.

Before even the sun had even risen, doors at West Town Mall's anchor stores opened bright and early at six, waiting for shoppers.

That's easy for some.

"I'm a morning person so it's not too bad for me but yes, it's a little strange," Chris Cannon says. "It's nice though because they don't have much of a crowd."

But if you are just eleven, that's a whole 'nuther story.

"They had to roll me out of bed. I'm serious," said a still tired Roger Waddell.

It's all about making Christmas right with the customers.

Tina Corridan, JCPenny Assistant Manager: "You got all your customers coming in with their gift cards to redeem their gift cards, get special buys today, do exchanges for any of the merchandise that didn't work out for them."

Yes, it's six o'clock in the morning.

"It is just fun. It's just family fun and because we're crazy," Karen Sheddan said

But on the bright side....unlike shopping on Black Friday, shopping early on the day after Christmas is like being the only person in the theme park.

"It was a lot better. Thanksgiving was horrible. There was people everywhere but there was hardly anybody at JC Penneys," Ginny Huff, of Knoxville said.

And finding bargains that are thirty, forty, fifty, and sometimes sixty percent off makes for a happy shopper.

"I bought my husband a new pair of jeans and some jewelry that I didn't get for Christmas."

With deals like those, Cannon's finding it tough not to want to break the bank.

"Well, I got a little bit of Christmas money and I have some gift cards so I'm going to try not to get out of my bank account...(laugh)..try to stay safe."

JCPenney Assistant Manager Tina Corridan says to get the best deals and the best selection you need to get out early.

She says once they're gone they're gone, especially holiday ornaments at seventy percent off.

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