Missing cabbie has no memory of disappearance

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Knoxville (WVLT) – An East Tennessee cabbie is back home and safe after his family, friends, and co-workers spent the weekend in a frantic state.

Kyle Romine had vanished into this air.

Police had found his taxi abandoned along Surrey Road in East Knoxville, but there was no trace of the 32 year old.

He finally turned up miles away from his cab in Maryville, without much memory of what had happened over the previous 36 hours.

"I'm glad to be alive, I know that,” said a dazed and confused Romine from the couch in his Maryville home.

He was still dizzy and had a bad head ache Sunday night.

"I can't remember anything," Romine said, with the exception of one thing. "I remember waking up and I was lying in a ditch. I was wet and muddy."

But even the location of the ditch was lost in his memory.

The ordeal began early Saturday morning.

Knoxville Police said Romine went missing sometime after 4:00 AM, with his Paradise Taxi log sheet being the only evidence of where he had been.

"He went to Chapman Highway for a pick-up, going to Linden Avenue,” said Roger Fisher, owner of Paradise Taxi. “That's the last customer he was supposed to have had in the car."

When he didn’t return to at the end of his duty, Fisher said another driver tried to Romine.

"She says she heard somebody in the background tell him hang up the phone and then the phone was cut off at that point," said Fisher.

The last place anyone had seen him was at the Pilot gas station on Cumberland Avenue.

It would be another six hours before his abandoned cab was located, sitting along the 500 block of Surrey Road.

"I don't even know that road,” Romine said, “it's all a big blur to me."

Meanwhile his girlfriend, Amanda Hill, spent the hours he was missing in state of panic and worry.

Until he walked back into their home around 7:30 PM Sunday evening.

"A friend of mine, I barely remember, drove by and picked me up," Said Romine.

Now a lot of questions still remain.

"Who hurt him and why," said Amanda.

And outside of a headache and dizziness, Romine described other pain.

"I'm sore from my left shoulder over my shoulder blade and up into my head,” he said.

Romine let police know he was home safe shortly after he got back.

He also said he was thankful that he has co-workers and a boss who care so much about him.

As for getting back behind the wheel, he hoped to return on Monday, if he was able to.

Police say they don't have any suspects.

If you have any information, call the KPD tip line at 865-215-7212.

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