Cab companies expecting a busy night for New Year's Eve

Knoxville (WVLT) If you don't want to stay in a hotel tonight, a safe option is to call a cab.

West Side Taxi is one of many cab companies that will be roaming all over Knoxville tonight taking people to and from their party stops.

The West Side owner says they expect well over one hundred calls, averaging ten to twenty calls every five minutes.

If you plan on calling a cab tonight, don't wait until you're ready to go, they say you should call at least an hour in advance.

Cherif Balde, West Side Taxi owner says, "don't try to drink and drive and be safe, have fun. We're here to help and you have fun and call us and we'll take you home safe."

They say a good idea is to put a couple of taxi company numbers in your cell phone before you head out for the night.