New Details: Maynardville assistant police chief rescues woman from pond

Maynardville Assistant Police Chief Brian Smith rescued a woman from a pond Wednesday.
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Union County (WVLT) A police officer jumps into icy water to rescue a woman after her truck slides off a snowy road.

The temperature was in the teens when Maynardville's Assistant Police Chief leaped into the pond around 8:30 this morning.

Volunteer TV's Rob Pratt talked with the chief and the woman he rescued.

No matter how cold you felt on your way into work this morning, Brian Smith and Kelly Lowery were a lot colder.

Amazingly, a few hours later, he's back on the job and she's already out of the hospital

"Praise the Lord, and that says it all."

Kelly Lowery can't believe she's able to stand after what she went through this morning.

She's thanking God and Maynardville Assistant Police Chief Brian Smith who jumped into icy waters to save her.

"It was cold, very very cold."

Lowery says with snow on the roads this morning, she left home early, knowing Turner Hollow Road, with its hills and curves, would be slippery."

"I was trying to drive really slow and keep it in first gear when I started sliding. And when I tried to step on the brake, I started spinning and then I went off the embankment and started flipping and then I landed in the pond. It was really scary."

Lowery suffered cuts, bruises and some sprains, amazingly, no bones were broken.

The biggest danger was being stuck in the freezing waters that poured into her truck's cab.

That's where Assistant Chief Smith stepped in.

Smith says, "I went in the water, got to her vehicle, got the door open, got her out and helped her to the shore."

Others might call the icy rescue heroic, but not Smith.

"Just part of the job. There's men and women in law enforcement and rescue personnel that do it every day."

Lowery continues, "he is a pretty awesome guy and he didn't hesitate at all to get in there and get me out and I'm very thankful for what he did."

Lowery and Smith both made one point they want you to remember.

Lowery was wearing her seat belt this morning.

Everyone involved says that's responsible for the happy ending to this story.

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