UPDATE: Judge's tape sounded like torture, court told

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) -- A Tennessee judge resigned last month after making a recording of fantasies so lurid that when the tape fell into the hands of the police and FBI, they thought they were listening to a torture session and believed it might be linked to a murder case.

Ultimately, investigators brought no charges against Circuit Judge John B. Hagler of Cleveland, and police said Wednesday he is not a suspect in any investigation.

The recording was investigated by authorities more than two years ago, but its existence did not come to light publicly until just a few weeks ago. And details on the contents are only now coming out, at a hearing that began Wednesday on whether police must release the tape.

The hearing continues Thursday.

During those two years, the judge remained on the bench, hearing mostly family court cases like divorces and child custody.

Among the mysteries: Why did he make such a recording? Why is it coming to light just now? And what, exactly, is on the tape?

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