UPDATE: Neighbor talks about stabbing, shooting at Sevier rental cabin

Rental cabin on Pine Mountain Way where two were shot, and one was assaulted in Sevier County Sunday night.
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Sevier County (WVLT) Three people are on the loose tonight, less than 24 hours after shooting two men and beating a third with a stick at a rental cabin in Sevier County.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb has the latest.

Sheriff Ron Seals says they are looking for three people they are calling persons of interest.

Meanwhile, a neighbor says it was one of his worst nights, as it scared his family to death.

For some residents on Pine Mountain Way, it was a frightening Sunday evening.

Curtis Hall, a neighbor says, "My son started crying. He was shook up. He was scared. He didn't go to school today all because he was afraid to walk to the bus."

The fear his son felt came from a shooting at the home next door to where they live.

Sheriff Ron Seals says it was just after ten Sunday night when Rodney Hardin and Chris Lyons were shot inside the cabin and Chris' brother Tony was beaten.

Hall says he went outside when his wife said she heard a pop.

"I didn't see anything and then I heard another pop and I told my son to go back inside the home."

Hall says he saw two people walk from the home then two people run, so he tried to stop them.

"They just got into their vehicle. They were fixing to take off and I turned around and tried to pin them in but they got around me and they took off."

Sheriff Seals says Hardin and Chris Lyons were taken by Lifestar to UT Medical Center while Tony Lyons was treated and released from a local hospital.

Investigators are trying to determine a motive.

"I do know that it was a dispute over some money but that's all that we've gotten at this time."

But Seals says it was not a forced entry into the home.

"From our investigation it revealed they were familiar with each other and they were, had prior dealings with each other."

Although declining names, Seals says they have three persons of interest they are trying to find at this point.

Meanwhile, UT Medical Center officials say Chris Lyons is in stable condition but tell us they have no information on Hardin.

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