Victim's cousin: Dog just came & got her

Dakota Craig, 10, talks about how he tried to fight a rottweiler off while the dog attacked his cousin.

KNOXVILLE (WVLT) -- A North Knoxville girl is in stable condition at UT Medical Center after she was attacked by a rottweiler this weekend.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford spoke with the boy who was with the little girl at the time of the attack.

10-year-old Dakota Craig says he was playing with his cousin, nine year old Daishauna Craig, when Daishauna was attacked by a rottweiler around five o'clock Saturday evening.

The dog punctured the girl's jugular vein and she was rushed to UT.

Daishauna's uncle shot and killed the dog.

"We were just walking to her friends and we didn't do nothing to the dog. It just came and got her."

10-year-old Dakota Craig says the rottweiler charged at his cousin Daishauna Craig two houses down from where it should've been tied up.

"He got her coat and then ripped her coat off of her and the coat ripped off and then it started getting her chest right here and he got her right here on the throat."

Dakota says he ran through the yard to get help from his dad, who had to beat the dog off of the nine year old with a two by four.

"She was screaming and fighting at the same time." 19:57 "They had a bed sheet right here on her neck, pressing the sheet on it and the bed sheet was filled with blood."

Daishauna's grandmother, Phyliss Waller says, "My son had her up in his arms, cradling her and blood was just pouring and she kept saying, Mamaw, I didn't do nothing to that dog. I didn't do nothing to that dog, and then she'd pass out."

The rottweiler's owner, Ebony Newton, was not home at the time of the attack.

Waller says her son shot the dog three times and killed it, "I hate that he did it the way he did it, but it had to be done. The dog even came after him as he was fixing to shoot the dog."

Waller says if it weren't for the father and son's quick thinking, her granddaughter would not be alive.

"Thank God she's going to be all right, but it's going to be a long way. She has to have the rabies shots and that's a series of seven shots."

Dakota says he's scared for his cousin, but will take care of her dog, "Daishauna, I love you and I hope you get better."

Family members say the rottweiler had been loose from its chain about once a week.

The owner is charged with letting the dog run loose and not having its tags.

City council and county commission are currently considering changes to combine the dog ordinance to be the same for the city and the county.

The new dangerous dog ordinance proposal went through its first reading in December and will go through one more at the end of January.

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