East Tennesseans Enjoy Krispy Kreme Without the Guilt

Knoxville (WVLT) -- In January 2006, congress required trans fat content be listed on food labels, and since then, food manufacturers and restaurants have scrambled to find alternatives.

Congress simply required trans fat content be listed, not eliminated.

Several fast food restaurants have already replaced trans fat oil with something else, and now the change has taken place at a rather unlikely place.

We're covering East Tennessee health with a closer look at the label.

Krispy Kreme and its signature hot original glazed doughnut are a southern delicacy.

They're known around the world for that melt in your mouth glaze.

But they're not known as health food.

In fact, one original glazed packs 200 calories and 12 grams of fat.

And now zero trans fat.

"I think that's great. I think it's wonderful that we now have some options when we're eating out to go trans fat free."

UT Medical Center Dietitian Leah Kittle says the american heart association recommends limiting trans fat to less than two grams a day.

While U.S. dietary guidelines simply recommend keeping trans fat consumption as low as possible.

Trans fats are worse than any other fat, because, research shows they can increase the risk for heart disease by increasing bad l-d-l cholesterol and decreasing good h-d-l cholesterol.

In response, Krispy Kreme piloted trans fat free products across the country over the past several months, and says it received an overwhelmingly positive response from consumers.

"More than likely, the Krispy Kreme company has replaced trans fat with another type of fat to fry the doughnuts in. So, it's still gonna have some fat, it's still going to be high calorie, it's just going to be fat from a different source."

Kittle says, while using trans fat free cooking oil to fry foods is certainly better. The food is still fried, and fried food is high in fat and calories.

So, while the oil is trans fat free, don't be misled into believing any fried food is good for you.

Krispy Kreme is now among the food companies which include Wendy's, Taco Bell, Dunkin' Doughnuts, Baskin Robbins, Denny's, I-Hop, KFC, Pizza Hut and Starbucks that have replaced trans fats.

Nutritionists say, rather than relying on the restaurant to eliminate it, the easiest way to reduce trans fat consumption is to avoid fried foods, cakes, cookies and pastries.