Black Tape Bandit suspect's family, neighbors react to arrest

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Knoxville (WVLT) - We've learned today that Travis Carver, who police say is the "Black Tape Bandit", has a 3 month old baby girl and a wife who lived with him at 1014 Teaberry Road.

Volunteer TV's Lauren Davis spoke with his family.

Travis Carver's wife, Alisha says she didn't want to go on camera, but she did tell WVLT this was very hard for her.

She broke down in tears during the conversation, saying this is difficult especially with a 3-month-old baby girl.

I also spoke with Travis Carver's mother Marline Schneider.

Marline was dumbfounded when she got the call from Alisha Carver Tuesday night.

Marline says Travis was raised better than this and she doesn't know why her son has done this.

She says she had no idea this was going on and neither did Travis's wife.

Marline tells WVLT she has a very close relationship with Travis, and that she spoke with him Tuesday before his arrest.

Carver's mother hasn't spoken with him since and said she has no clue when she might get the chance.

FBI agents say Carver was a West High Graduate and he was in the US Army.

Federal officials also say Carver's been unemployed since July 2007.

In West Knoxville, some folks are stunned to find out their neighbor may be the Black Tape Bandit

You'd think with security pictures posted all over the local media, the robber couldn't be missed, but he was.

In fact, neighbors were surprised when WVLT told them Wednesday morning their neighbor was the guy police believe is behind all the recent bank robberies.

We've seen these pictures for weeks, a man dubbed the Black Tape Bandit, robbing local banks.

"From TV face was shown on cameras so why did it take so long to chase him down," says neighbor Sandy Ashley.

It took so long because no one outside of law enforcement, at least initially, connected these pictures to Carver, not even his own neighbor.

"It was crazy it was shock,” Nick Hallens lived directly across from carver and Carver's wife and baby for 6 months, and he had no idea.

Hallens talked to Carver several times about money problems, but says Carver mostly kept to himself.

"It's really scaring me, but glad they caught him," says Hallens.

Some neighbors found out last night when they saw police, FBI, and deputies surrounding the apartment building.

"We thought it was a drug bust, most common thing, wouldn't think it'd be a bank robber living over here," says Ashley Overton.

Sandy Ashley woke up Wednesday morning to the news her neighbor was being tagged as the Black Tape Bandit. "I was very, very shocked that it was this close to home."

Even after Carver's arrest, the neighbors are staying put.

"He's gone now so everything should be okay,” says Overton.

But neighbors would like to see more cops on their streets. "If police here on regular basis will help cut down on wrong doing,” Ashley says.

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