van Tol quints get ready to turn four

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- On Monday, the van Tol quintuplets of Knoxville will turn four.

But on Friday, Fort Sanders Medical Center had a party for them.

They were born at just under four lbs., and now the five van Tol siblings at turning four years old.

"At every stage I say, 'well this has got to be the best stage,' and it just keeps getting better," said Shannon van Tol, the quintuplets mother.

This past year, the quints have learned letters and to spell their names, but one of their achievements tops the rest.

"We're potty trained,” exclaimed Shannon, “and that was huge."

Their mom also said it remains a party where ever they go.

"They've got so much energy,” she said. “I guess that the hardest part is trying to keep up with them."

And none of them have as much energy as Sean.

"He's very hyper, but he's very bright and just loves to be the life of the party,” Shannon said. “He loves to smile, loves to laugh and loves to make others laugh."

Then there's Willem who acts like the confident big brother.

"He kind of acts like an oldest child, he tells the others what they're supposed to be doing and what they're not supposed to be doing," mom said.

Ashley is competitive and learns everything first.

"She was the first to swim and she was the first to spell her name and everybody else’s,” Shannon said. “She takes a lot of pride in doing what she does well and she likes to be the best at everything she does."

Isabella has a sweet tooth and is the first one wanting cake after opening presents.

She's very girly and even has a new nickname.

"Over the past year we've started calling her Izzy-Busy, because she's very sweet but very mischievous, so she slips off a lot and is usually into mischief," mom said.

Megan is spunky and independent and loves the color purple.

"If it's purple it's Megan’s and she's been that way since she was a baby when we had purple bottles."

They may be very different, but they're also very close.

"I think they have a really charmed childhood because they wake up with their best friends every day,” Shannon said. “They fight and bicker, but they love each other and they do sweet things for each other too."

Here are some fun facts about the van Tol fab-five.

Their favorite foods are spaghetti, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and ice cream.

In an average week, the van Tol’s go through 12 cans of green beans, five pounds of carrots, 15 pounds of potatoes and seven gallons of milk.

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