Police stunned when high speed chase ends, suspect lights up crack pipe

A truck is stalled on the train tracks off Tobler Road in West Knoxville. The two people inside were arrested by KPD.
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Knoxville (WVLT) -- A high-speed police chase ended just hundreds of feet from West High School on Friday morning.

Police have arrested Nicholas Edward Hunley, 40 on numerous charges, along with Connie Moore, 37 for burglary and felony theft.

KPD says that may just be the beginning.

Apparently, when the chase ended, Hunley wanted one last taste of freedom.

“He wouldn't open the door,” said Darrel DeBusk, the Knoxville Police Spokesperson. “He was sitting in the driver's seat, trying to light his crack pipe as we were trying to take him into custody."

The chase began when an officer recognized the truck they were traveling in as matching the description of one used in several area robberies.

When police tried to make a traffic stop around 10:00 AM, they said the driver sped away, reaching speeds of over 70 MPH on streets in West Knoxville.

When the driver tried to drive on the train tracks off Tobler Drive, it got stuck and thankfully, police called in time to stop an oncoming train.

It took only three more minutes to make the arrests.

"Once we were able to get the door open, we pulled him out of the vehicle and at that point, that's when a K-9 officer took over and grabbed hold of the individual until we could get him cuffed," DeBusk said.

Police say the truck is confirmed stolen, but that's not all.

"We also can see in the truck, that it looks like there are some items that may have come out of a residential burglary," DeBusk said.

Add a large bag full of pills to the list, and you've got the full picture of two suspects who have plenty of questions to answer.

After the arrest, Hunley was treated at UT Medical because he had been bitten by a police dog.

He then joined Moore in jail.

Police said both suspects will also be questioned about a string of area robberies.

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