Widow, son need your help to finish their home

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Union County (WVLT) -- An East Tennessee man was in the middle of building a dream home for his family when he was killed in an ATV accident.

Now his wife and stepson are now living in a run down trailer next to the frame of the partially built new house in Luttrell, and they could use your help.

For Dakota Runyon and Patricia Fisher, the wooden frame of the home means more than you can imagine...

Les Fisher started building it last summer with just one leg, the only one left after diabetes took the other.

He lost the other leg after fall bad fall while building the home.

"He was determined,” said Patricia, his wife. “He wasn't letting it stop him"

Amazingly, Lee continued to work on the house on his knees, until a tragic four-wheeler accident in October.

Patricia Fisher lost her husband, and her son Dakota lost a stepfather he called Dad.

"We still have a hard time,” she said. "Me and him stick together and do everything together and talk about his dad."

Patricia and Dakota, who is 11, have been living in a run-down trailer behind the unfinished house since, thinking of Lee with every glance at the frame.

"That was his main goal and dream, to get this house built," Patricia said.

"He'd want it to be done and have me and my mom live in it and not be in that trailer,” said Dakota.

The trailer is clearly not safe, the ceiling is coming down, it’s filled with mold and holes and cracks are just about everywhere you look.

"The whole trailer, you could just push and it wants to fall," Patricia said.

Dakota's room is so small, there is no room for a bed, only a love seat that he sleeps on.

"I usually sleep forward like I'm watching TV,” he said, “I'll try to fall asleep that way."

Patricia and her son need a new home, but they won't get it without a helping hand.

"I can't build it on my own cause I'm not in good health myself,” she said.

But you can help by lending your hands to the Fisher home.

You can find out how to get in touch with Patricia by clicking on the Hot Key.

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