Fourth woman in eight years dies at East Knox home

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Family and friends of Penny Lynn Welch were at a funeral home on Thursday night, paying respects to Penny.

This week, she became the fourth woman in the last 8 years to die at the same East Tennessee house.

The Knox County Sheriff's Department is investigating, but family members want to know how four women could die in the same home and no charges be filed.

The house belongs to Rick Clark and is located at 2105 Campbell Road.

Clark's wife, Theresa Bozeman died there in 2000, followed by Kara Kirby in 2004 and Penny Bright in 2005.

All those deaths were ruled accidental drug overdoses.

On Monday, Penny Welch, 40, passed away.

"Four women died there and it's not a coincidence," said Dustin Watson, Welch’s nephew who is angry because charges have never been filed against Clark. “I'd like to see the law come in here and arrest this man"

As of yes, police have not confirmed or denied that Rick Clark is a suspect.

"Even if he didn't kill them, he helped them," said Watson.

Amanda Cass is Clark's daughter and neighbor.

She said she didn’t like what has been going on in the East Knox County neighborhood.

“It’s a very dangerous place to live," said Cass.

She also said her father was crippled in a construction accident and uses pain medication, but she did not deny his drug usage.

"I thought he was dead, I thought his lifestyle finally caught up with him," Amanda said, admitting she had seen the four women come over time and time again. “They want a place to get high and want relationship."

But she said they all killed themselves.

"When you live the lifestyle they lived and put things into your body, it can only take so much before it gives up,” Cass said.

She stopped short of condemning her father as a killer.

“He just contributed to give them a place to do what they wanted to do," she said.

Watson doesn't agree and said he will never forget how his aunt's life was cut short.

"She was a loving person to everybody,” he said. “I just hated to see her die like this, that wasn't her time."

As autopsy has been preformed to determine how Penny Welch died.

There was a receiving of friends and family for her on Thursday night between 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Rose Mortuary in Knoxville.

Penny Welch’s funeral is on Friday at 11:00 AM at the Old Stoney Point Church.

She will be laid to rest in the Church Cemetery.

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