MUGSHOTS: Massive East Tennessee drug sweep

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Sevier County (WVLT) – On Friday, the Sevier County grand jury indicted 43 people on drug charges.

The day also marked a massive drug sweep by county deputies.

According to Sheriff Ron Seals, the drugs are a dangerous thing for any county, not just because of what they do to the pushers, users, and their families, but what they do to regular citizens as well.

Jamie Lynn Allen, 23 was not the only person requesting to use the Sevier County Jail’s telephone.

She had been arrested early Friday morning, and charged with the sale and delivery of prescription pills.

"Today we have grand jury indictments on 43 individuals for 130 counts of the sale of marijuana, Oxycontin, morphine, cocaine," said Sheriff Seals.

After four months of undercover work, deputies conducted the early morning drug sweep.

Some of their suspects were not home at the time while others were woken up from sleep only to get a ride to the jail.

The goal of the sweep was to put a major dent in the county’s drug trade.

"The message I'm sending to the people is that we cannot stamp out drugs and drugs sales in Sevier County, but we're going to try to do the best we can to prevent as much as possible,” said Sheriff Seals.

William Dale Vann, 26, was found the second time around and ended up receiving a second set of charges after deputies found nearly two ounces of marijuana in his home along with two television sets, one engraved with the words “stolen from” along with the victim’s name and number.

"We feel that drugs are a root of evil in our communities that cause burglaries," said the sheriff.

Vann was charged with theft and felony marijuana possession.

The good news is that thanks to the victim’s idea of engraving their information on the television, the police were able to contact her and she has already picked up her property.

Janie Allen
Audrey Olivia Gaines
Madeline Baker
Tina Baker
Brandy Cecile Danove
Sharon Breeden
Donna Brucker
Mario Bunori
James Dameron
Joseph Eldridge
Ronnie Helton
Lance Herrington
Brittany Hurst
James Franklin Collins
John Paul Pierce
Gina Kivett
Brandy McKee
Michele Messer
Michelle E Phillips
Nicky Burkey Burkhart
John Phillips
Matthew Stroud
Michael Teal
Shawn Thurner
William Vann
Brandon Breitweiser
More as they are released by the Sevier County Sheriff's Department.

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