Twenty-two arrested in drug round up

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Sevier County Sheriff's Office says a 6 month undercover operation landed 22 people behind bars.

The Street Crimes Unit started sweeping Sevier County early this morning for suspected drug dealers.

Not all the suspects were caught. Deputies say they will keep searching until all are arrested.

Sheriff Ron Seals says he wants "to fight the street level dealing of pharmaceutical narcotics and other drugs". He wants anyone with information to call police.

40 individuals were indicted by the Sevier County Grand Jury earlier this week.

Here's a list of the people arrested Thursday:

James Jeffrey Allen age 50

David E. Chamblee age 22

Joseph Jay Martin age 46

Minda McCracken age 37

Gregory Allen Snider age 54
Bond: $15,000.00

Matthew T. Cooper age 36
Bond: $40,000.00

Jennifer L. Parton age 36
Bond: $40,000.00

Stephen C. Lewis age 63

Howard Clayton Shabdue age 64

Joshua A. Breeden age 29
Bond: $10,000.00

Douglas Erfourth age 40

Stanley S.. Shults Jr age 29
Bond: $40.000.00

Lake Williams age 60

Heather M. Daler age 33

Rachael D. Canter age 39

Quinton Sutton age 51
Bond: $20,000.00

Mark A. Gibson age 34
Bond: $15,000.00

Martin F. Perez age 31
In Custody in Colorado

Mitchell Davis age 44

Charles R. Dellinger age 48
Bond: $40.000.00

Norris Harvey age 22
Bond: $100,000.00

Crissy Campbell age 30

Stephen C. Lewis

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