Kindervision in East Tennessee

Knoxville (WVLT) -- There's a new resource in east tennessee to help you protect your children.

Tuesday is the kickoff of a WVLT volunteer tv project called "Kindervision".

Over the next year, WVLT Volunteer TV, Fowler's Furniture and other businesses in the area will present need to know tips to help keep your children safe.

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt has more.

"The greatest save is the one we never have to make."

The 2008 theme of "Kindervision" to prevent the abduction and exploitation of children.

This web based program will initially draws on national resources and organizations, but as the year progresses more experts locally will be blended in.

WVLT Volunteer TV General Manager, Chris Baker says, "WVLT will be working hard over the next year to try to recruit child advocates within the law enforcement and the education community in order to develop child advocates to let them know about the Kindervision website and the information that's on there."

Child exploitation and abduction have always worried parents, but the threat has heightened in the 21st century.

"Kindervision" proves education is the most effective way to protect kids from those who would harm them.

Baker says "I have children myself and I've seen the crime rise in East Tennessee as well as around the country and it's very disturbing and I think information is power and it's important that WVLT take a step in empowering parents with information that can help them with their children against these crimes."

Members of the "Greatest Save Team" are committed to spreading this critical safety information to protect children of all ages from predators.

Families who participate in the program will receive a free safety education video which allows families to instruct their children on circumstances to avoid and to reinforce ways to protect themselves from harm.

For more information about Kindervision family protection, click on the link below.

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